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About Us

ATE World Talk explores hardships and success stories to inspire and motivates youth to do something unique and best. Sometimes our lack of confidence, motivation and guidance makes our career graph on a downfall, so the idea behind ATE World Talk is to show a story of successful Personality in such a way that you learn from every experience that will help you in setting your own goal and vision.

ATE World Talk is platform welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the one’s Journey. We believe passionately in the power of experience , hardship and ultimately the Journey. On ATE World Talk we are building a clearinghouse of knowledge from the worlds most inspired personalities and engage students to learn and work for change

The Journey we have started in November 2015 in the name of “Jazbaat”. An Interview with power packed ideas and stories from all across India covering sports, entrepreneurship, social activism, space exploration, technology, innovation, performing arts and more, was a stepping stone into expanding someone’s world view and sparking a new dialogue. It has started with one episode on YouTube, now we host four episode not only that we had screened these interviews to different schools and colleges in 7 cities in India, covered 70+ talks and reached over 17000 youths.

Our Vision

To make premier academic institution, recognized internationally for its contribution to industry and society through excellence in teaching, learning, research, internationalization, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Our Mission

  • label_outline To transform education through academic rigour, practical orientation and outcome based teaching.
  • label_outline To develop and implement a relationship of cooperation between industry and academia.
  • label_outline To undertake impactful research addressing local, national and global challenges.
  • label_outline To prepare graduates to be lifelong learners with strong analytical and leadership skills.
  • label_outline To develop global professionals and entrepreneurs with innovative spirit, tolerance and desire to make a difference to the society

About the Host

Ayush Keshri, a Story Teller and CEO of Abhiprerana ATE World Talk. His stories enable the audience to build rapport, and he surprise them with appropriate nice-to-haves, and leave positive, lasting impressions.

He established Young Association, when he was 17 years old. It has completed ten years under his leadership. He obtained his bachelor degree in Journalism from Delhi University and Master Travel Tourism Management from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. Currently he is working on three projects – "Research In A Story", "Human Library" and "Project Light".

"Research In A Story" is an initiative to unfold, strengthen and embrace the research article in a digital platform“ A Story In A Video” for better understanding and implementation and Human Library is platform where people can learn from Human Experience. He has interviewed many eminent personalities like Javed Akhtal, C N R Rao, Pandit Birju Maharaj, Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia , Anup Jalota and many more.

Scholar's Summit

This Summit offers a great opportunity to unfold, strengthen and embrace the research article in a digital platform "A Story in a Video" for a better understanding and implementation. We will explore research done in different domain for better content development, strengthening the reach to common people. It is hoped that the Summit will be a source of personal inspiration and shared purpose.


Stories helps you to establish connections with people. The better you connect, the stronger will be the influence on the audience. This summit will train participants on storytelling techniques, voice modulation, story structures and how research can be presented into story.


  1. To discuss the importance of stories in Communication.
  2. To provide basic knowledge storytelling.
  3. To enable the participants learn story formation technique.
  4. To develop a suitable stories for addressing the key research article.
  5. To sharpen participants’ competence on Key Elements of Storytelling.


Ayush Keshri (CEO, ATE World Talk)


arrow_forward Prof Pradeep Kumar Mishra (Coordiator- TBI- MCIIE, IIT BHU),
arrow_forward Prof Atul Kumar Tripathi (Professor, BHU),
arrow_forward Dr. Puneet Kumar Bindlish (Asst Prof. IIT BHU),
arrow_forward Dr. Ajit Kumar Mishra (Associate Prof., IIT BHU)

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