Scholar's Summit

This Summit offers a great opportunity to unfold, strengthen and embrace the research article in a digital platform "A Story in a Video" for a better understanding and implementation. We will explore research done in different domain for better content development, strengthening the reach to common people. It is hoped that the Summit will be a source of personal inspiration and shared purpose.


Stories helps you to establish connections with people. The better you connect, the stronger will be the influence on the audience. This summit will train participants on storytelling techniques, voice modulation, story structures and how research can be presented into story.


  1. To discuss the importance of stories in Communication.
  2. To provide basic knowledge storytelling.
  3. To enable the participants learn story formation technique.
  4. To develop a suitable stories for addressing the key research article.
  5. To sharpen participants’ competence on Key Elements of Storytelling.


Ayush Keshri (CEO, ATE World Talk)


arrow_forward Prof Pradeep Kumar Mishra (Coordiator- TBI- MCIIE, IIT BHU),
arrow_forward Prof Atul Kumar Tripathi (Professor, BHU),
arrow_forward Dr. Puneet Kumar Bindlish (Asst Prof. IIT BHU),
arrow_forward Dr. Ajit Kumar Mishra (Associate Prof., IIT BHU)